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Town Center Triplet in Las Cruces, NM
Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Abstract: Old Main Street was converted into a pedestrian mall, and traffic was routed instead along Church St. and Water St. Not sure if business is thriving or not, but this site could easily support high density mixed uses if the market is there.
Region: USA - Mountain West On this page...
Road1: N Main St Videos: No
Road2: Pics: No
City: Las Cruces ,NM ,US Docs: No
Lat/Lon: 32.31016922 ,-106.779151917 Links: No
Comments: 0
Status: Existing   
0 Approximate Right-of-Way Cost
0 Approximate Construction Cost
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Updated: Apr 06, 2011
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Town Center Triplet in Las Cruces, NM     Las Cruces, New Mexico